School Uniform

Parents are asked to co-operate with the school in encouraging the wearing of the school uniform.

The school uniform was agreed in consultation with parents, pupils, staff and the Parent Council. It incorporates a range of popular items of dress, e.g. sweatshirts, T-shirts.  Wearing school uniform contributes to a positive school ethos and helps avoid discrimination and reduces peer pressure to wear expensive designer clothing.

A school’s reputation can also be enhanced in the local community by the wearing of school uniform and school security will be improved as it will be easier to identify intruders.

Please help us by ensuring that pupils do not bring valuable or expensive items of clothing to school.

In certain circumstances, appropriate clothing will be necessary for school activities for safety reasons, e.g. in games areas, science laboratories, technical workshops; this extends to the wearing of suitable footwear and even, on occasion, to the length of pupils’ hair and the wearing of jewellery and earrings. Offensive clothing such as T-shirts or other items painted with obscene language or illustrations are not permitted.  Football colours are also inappropriate as they can lead to incidents of rivalry.

We expect all pupils to wear full school uniform.  Our pupils tell us wearing uniform is a badge of pride and shows the positive identity of our school. Please ensure all clothing is clearly labelled and identifiable. Please do not allow your child to wear jewellery or accessories to school. 

You can buy uniform here or email us if you would like something from our preloved collection.

Our uniform includes:

  • grey or black skirt/ trousers/ shorts/ pinafore
  • white polo shirt or green regulation polo shirt
  • navy blue gingham summer dress
  • navy blue jumper/ cardigan with or without school logo
  • P7 unique sweatshirt (Primary 7 only)
  • hair accessories should be discrete and in school colours

Pupils require an indoor and an outdoor PE kit to be kept in school at all times. Teachers will send this home regularly for washing. PE kit is made up of black/ navy shorts (no logos) and a plain white t-shirt or yellow/ red/ blue t-shirt to represent house colour (no logos). Both indoor and outdoor footwear is required. Football strips and branded sportswear are not permitted and should not be sent to school.

We can support families to obtain PE kit and have a good supply of second hand uniform and waterproofs. Please contact the school office and ask for an appointment with Mrs Favier. All conversations will be held in confidence.