Food and Clothing

School Meals

We have a lovely menu. Log into parentpay to make your selection. If you don’t pre-order we will always provide a baked potato and soup for your child (cheese sandwich or roll packed lunch on a Friday).

Menus offer healthy and tasty meal options while reflecting the Scottish Governments food and drink legal requirements in both primary and secondary settings. Our menus are written to balance pupil choice with the most stringent of school food standards in the UK.

All our menus are nutritionally analysed and new dishes trialled by pupils prior to menu launch

  • All our meat is either Quality Meat Scotland or Red Tractor Assured
  • All our dairy comes from Scottish Farms
  • All eggs used are Free Range
  • All fish is MSC certified
  • We believe in sourcing food with provenance and aim to increase our spend with Scottish suppliers every year

 The catering service supplies meals for pupils by following the special diet policy – more information on menus/ special diets and prices can be found here

Free School Meals & Clothing Grants

A parent will qualify for Free School Meals and Clothing Grant if they meet any of the following conditions:

Your child might still get a free school meal if you’re experiencing financial hardship. This could be because:

Clothing Grants are paid direct into a nominated bank account.  The payment will show in the bank statement as ‘CEC-EXPEN1’. 

Children in P1-P5 get the universal Free School Meal but an application should be made so they qualify for both free school meal and a clothing grant.

Each award is valid for one school year. The award provides

  • each child with one school meal and milk each day they attend school
  • a clothing grant payment of £100 for each child.

We pay one clothing grant per year, per child, into your bank account. Most clothing grants are paid throughout July and August before the new school year begins.

Information on free school meals and clothing grants and how to apply is available on the website:

Find out everything you need to know about TRANSPORT here

Find out everything you need to know about FOOD and CLOTHING here.

If you choose to provide a packed lunch for your child please note that all uneaten contents from the lunch box will be sent home at the end of the day. This ensures that you know exactly what your child has eaten and also that you can recycle the contents of the box (a core part of our sustainability work). We know that fruit skins, pips and cores can be a bit messy after being in the box- a wee washable box for the waste works well.

Snacks should be healthy and, where possible nut free.